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What is Payroll?

Payroll is the total amount of money paid by a business to its employees over a set amount of time.

Justpayroll is full-service payroll solution offering payroll processing, reporting, and in house tax services. We provide you the convenience, flexibility and choice to make managing your payroll easier and faster without any hassle so you can take care of your business and growing.

Our Mission is to help clients streamline their business practices and do more with the resources they have.

Justpayroll serves businesses of all sizes, from the two-employee Mom and POP store to 1,000 employees stretched all over NJ, PA, DE, NY wherever your business takes you.

Justpayroll services include W-2, check printing, Direct Deposit, and tax filing which includes the new Form 944, Employer’s Annual Tax Return, and deposits for all local, state, and Federal jurisdictions.



Why Outsource Your Payroll to Justpayroll?

Small-business owners as you have just three basic options to process payroll:

1. DIT “do-it-yourself” is time consuming and not worth your valuable time.

2. Bookkeeping software majority of them are expensive and need to upgrade very often.

3. Outsourcing to a professional payroll provider like us, makes outsourcing the better choice as they know all you needs as preparing checks on time, W2 and help with Federal, State, and Local tax laws.

Outsourcing reduces the risk and complexity of running your own payroll and at the same time ensures superior accuracy, with up-to-date tax rates and regulatory information that can be absent in the off the shelf software solution, as they make money with updates and upgrades.

Justpayroll is lifesaver for you and your business, combining peace of mind with the opportunity to spend more time running your business, and it’s easy to see why majority of CPAs recommend that small businesses use professional payroll providers.

As an employer, you have specific payroll responsibilities that are required by government agencies. These agencies can be federal, state or local. Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to, withholding amounts from your employees’ compensation to cover income tax, social security, Medicare, and other payments.

Your Responsibility as Business Owner

Reporting and depositing payroll taxes to the appropriate federal, state or local agencies in an precise and timely manner is vital to your business. Late or incorrect deposits may result in penalties and interest charges. For these complex payroll and tax requirements, you need a professional team like Justpayroll.